President's Letter

W. Frank Willett, M.D.

Willett | President's Letter

What an amazing event! I just came back from our fall beer tasting at the RiverMill. We had great attendance. And of course, Jamie Keating came through yet again. The food was some of the best that we've had so far. And of course Jamie did a masterful job combining the food with the beers. I had the opportunity to catch up with some of my medical colleagues whom I haven't seen in a while. Dr. Fred Flandry introduced me to several of his new residents. They look like an enthusiastic group! I look forward to seeing them involved in our medical Society over the coming years. However, the highlight of the evening for me was the opportunity to institute a distinguished service award in the name of Dr. John D. Watson. Dr. Watson himself was the inaugural recipient of the award. I was honored to be the first president of the medical society to present this award, particularly since I had the opportunity to award it to such a deserving and dedicated doctor.

The House of Delegates is coming up this month (October 21-22) at the Hyatt in Savannah Georgia. I look forward as both your president and one of the delegates at the HOD to representing you and your interests on a state level. Always remember, MAG is considered one of the strongest medical lobbies in the country. At this House of Delegates, we, as a group, get to decide the legislative direction that the association takes. We will issue a full report of the proceedings of the HOD in next month's bulletin.

The beer tasting was also an important medical Society meeting where we elected the new slate of officers for the society. They will take their positions in January 2018. I want to be the first to congratulate and welcome doctors Timothy Villegas as your incoming President; Mike Borkat as the new Secretary-Treasurer; and Bret Crumpton as President-Elect. If you see these gentlemen, congratulate them and thank them for their service.

God bless,