President's Letter

Timothy P. Villegas, M.D.

Timothy P. Villegas, M.D. | President's Letter

2018 MAG House of Delegates Meeting

This past weekend the delegation from MCMS had the privilege of attending the annual House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting for the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG). The HOD is the primary legislative and policy-making body of MAG which consists of delegates who represent county medical societies, specialty societies that meet minimum membership requirements, and a number of sections ? including International Medical Graduates, Medical Students, Organized Medical Staff, Resident Physicians, and Young Physicians.

This year the conference was held at Jekyll Island which on the east coast of the state about midway between Savannah and Jacksonville. Jekyll Island is the smallest of Georgia?s barrier islands at 5700 acres of area. It is remarkable how undeveloped and preserved the island is, with open, unspoiled beaches, very few local permanent residents and a notable lack of condominium and hotel towers.

As usual, the main business of the meeting included the presentation, review, debate and voting on numerous resolutions that were submitted to the HOD. This year a few of the contentious topics included medical marijuana, certificate of need policy and solutions for addressing the state?s perpetually-underserved populations. Other items of interest included issues related to the opioid crisis, advanced practice professionals and graduate medical education. If adopted, a resolution may serve to achieve one or more objectives: for example, revising MAG policy, influencing state legislators, advocating for policy-making in the AMA.

Please show your appreciation to all of the delegates and alternates that attended on behalf of MCMS, as it is a significant time investment and they each do so at their own expense. In the future if you think you may be interested in serving as a delegate or alternate please feel free to contact me or one of the other delegates or officers. In addition, any MAG member or county medical society is eligible to submit a resolution to the HOD, so if you have any novel ideas or positions on our healthcare system, it is easy to do and does have real potential to make a difference and substantive impact. Finally, please encourage your peers and colleagues to participate as members of both the MCMS and MAG. The number of delegates we can send each year is directly proportional to our membership numbers, and of course the larger we are and the more delegates we send, the stronger our voice can be.