MAG News

The following are highlights from our fall board meeting:

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
The board deliberated a proposal that GA enter the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. The “Compact” is an independent body formed to streamline the acquisition of licensure in multiple states. Seventeen states currently participate and two other states are actively considering participation. Each state still maintains licensing autonomy and actually issue the license, but the Compact streamlines and expedites the application process. You can obtain more information at The issue of GA participating in the Compact may surface in the GA 2017 General Assembly. The MAG Board has voted to support participation.

2017 Legislative Priorities
• Out-of-Network Billing and Network Adequacy

MAG will support reforms that require appropriate network adequacy standards for insurers. We will advocate for transparency for insurers entering into contracts with physicians’ practices and support legislation that will result in physician payment methodologies that are adequate and sustainable for out-of-network emergency care. This issue arose last year without action being taken. Several other states have enacted legislation with severe negative implications for physicians and medicine. I urge you to watch this issue closely.

• Medicaid Payment Parity

MAG will advocate for the General Assembly to continue funding for the Medicaid Parity Payment Program for all areas of primary care.

• Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

The Medical Association of Georgia will work to ensure that Maintenance of Certification is not a condition for licensure or hospital privileges. We will support efforts to alleviate the costly and burdensome aspects of MOC for physicians.

• Patient Safety Options

The Medical Association of Georgia will advocate for measures that improve patient safety.

• Covering the Uninsured

The Medical Association of Georgia will work with the legislature and state regulators on solutions for Georgia citizens who currently fall in the insurance coverage gap.

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